Senior Seminars and Advanced Lectures (Spring 2017)

Space in senior seminars and advanced lecturers is limited; enrollment is capped at a low level to ensure the seminar character. Seniors who are declared majors in economics, economics & math and EP&E majors, who have taken 2 of the 3 core courses and met all of the “prerequisites” may pre-register for advanced lecture courses (numbered 401-449) and seminars (numbered 450-489), unless they have already met the senior requirement.

Seniors in their 4th year are placed before accelerated seniors in their 3rd year. Juniors in their 3rd year are placed before accelerated juniors in their 2nd year. We have found that most economics accelerated students (94%) decelerate, so only a handful of students who accelerate actually graduate early and need the seminars early. We will honor your accelerated status based on the priority system outlined above.

Students of all classes and regardless of pre-registration eligibility may shop 400+ courses with open spaces. Priority for open spaces are awarded in order of class, seniors before juniors, etc. The seminar and 400+ preregistration lists, posted here, will note if a class is open or closed. Closed seminars are overenrolled in preregistration; in other words attrition is already accounted for. There are no waiting lists. Unfortunately, for closed seminars, there is little hope for a space opening. 

(Note: Pre-registration will next take place in August 2017).

Preregistration for advanced lecture courses (numbered 401-449) and seminars (numbered 450-489) will take place using the same online “preference selection” system that was used in the Fall. The system will be restricted to senior majors in economics or EP&E, and eligible seniors will use the system to express rank-ordered preferences for up to five courses/seminars.Students will be able to enter and revise their preferences from 9:00am Monday, December 12, 2016 to 5:00pm Thursday, January 5, 2017.

After preregistration closes, all students who preregistered will be assigned to one advanced lecture course or seminar.  Every attempt will be made to meet students’ preferences, and in cases where caps on enrollment bind, students will be chosen by random lottery.  The system can be accessed by clicking at this link: “Seminar Preregistration”. Seniors will receive instructions on how to access the system before it opens.

The advanced lecture courses and seminars being offered in Spring 2017 are listed below, along with brief descriptions and you can access all the information from the Seminar Booklet also.


Econ 408b. International Trade Policy
Econ 410b. The Economics of Innovation    
Econ 413b. Optimization Techniques
Econ 416b. Labor Economics: Employment, Skills and Wages  
Econ 417b. Computational Methods in Economics
Econ 424b. Central Banking


Econ 442b. Microfoundations of Growth in China
ECON 444b. The Economics of Hedge Funds                CLOSED
Econ 452b. Contemporary Issues in Energy Policy         CLOSED         
Econ 461b. Economics, Addiction, and Public Policy       CLOSED
Econ 467b. Economic Evolution of the Latin American and the Caribbean Countries
Econ 470b. Strategies for Economic Development          CLOSED
Econ 471b. Topics in Cooperative Game Theory
Econ 473b. Equality
Econ 474b. Economic and Policy Lessons from Japan      CLOSED
Econ 475b. Discrimination in Law: Theory, and Practice  CLOSED    
Econ 480b. Banking Crises and Financial Stability           CLOSED