Approval of course schedules Students considering the major but not yet declared should arrange to meet with the DUS during the first week of the term to ensure that their proposed course schedules are appropriate. Similarly, declared majors should meet with their academic advisers during the first week of the term to ensure that they are on track to satisfy all of the requirements of the major. Course schedules must be signed by the DUS Philipp Strack each term, and they must be approved by an academic adviser before the DUS signs them.

Transfer credit Students who take a term abroad or take summer courses outside of Yale may petition the DUS to count at most two courses from outside Yale toward the requirements of the major. Students who take a year abroad may petition to count at most three courses. Many courses taken outside Yale do not meet the standards of the CSEC major; therefore, students should consult with their academic advisers and the DUS Philipp Strack before taking such courses. Courses taken outside Yale may not be counted toward the major requirements in intermediate microeconomics, econometrics, or the intersection of computer science and economics.

Course Requirement: 
Econ, Econ & Math, or CompSci & Econ: 
Computer Science and Economics