Pre-Doctoral Fellowship–Opportunity Insights

Opportunity Insights (OI) is hiring several full-time pre-doctoral fellows to start in Summer 2022 to work with our research group. OI is a nonpartisan research and policy institute focused on improving economic opportunity. Founded in 2018, Opportunity Insight has become a nationally- and internationally-recognized leader in the science of economic mobility and in the use of large administrative data to understand and address inequality. Opportunity Insights has published seminal work on national trends in upward mobility, racial disparities, the role of neighborhoods and higher education in upward mobility, and most recently, the use of private-sector data to understand disparate impacts in the current economic recession and recovery. Much of the team’s ongoing research uses quasi-experimental methods to identify causal effects and test the predictions of economic and sociological models. Examples of current research projects include: long-term impacts of neighborhoods and place-based policies, the role of colleges in upward mobility, using big data to address health disparities, and measuring how social networks affect mobility. OI’s work has shaped policy discussions at the national and local levels, with nearly a dozen of its studies covered on the front pages of major media outlets, such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal and cited in congressional testimony and the President’s State of the Union addresses.

Opportunity Insights
Job Location: 
Harvard or Brown Universities
Job Application Deadline: 
Friday, February 4, 2022
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