PRIG Opportunities

Public Interest Research Groups, or PIRG is looking to hire for a few key entry-level positions. Some of the positions we’re hiring for are a Public Health Campaign Associate to help stop the overuse of antibiotics, a Consumer Watchdog Campaign Associate help to warn the public about threats to their health, safety and financial security and to empower consumers to protect themselves, and a New Economy Campaign Associate to work on campaigns that tackle concrete problems while advancing new and better ideas for organizing our economy and our lives.

If you know of any hard-working, passionate, and strategic-thinking students or alumni who are looking for opportunities to do good work in the world, please pass this message along. More information about these positions and others that we’re hiring for can be found on our website.

Public Interest Research Groups, or PIRG
Job Location: 
Various Locations / Boston, MA, Portland, ME, Philadelphia, PA,
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