Econ 463b. Genetics and Economics

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T 1:30 - 3:20pm
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Not offered

Permission of Instructor Required

This course covers the recent debate and development on the interface of genetics and economics. While introducing the ramifications of the molecular foundation for the economic behaviors and outcomes, students will be challenged to re-think many of the conventional takes on economic behavior, from economic growth to financial decision-making.

The purpose is to provide a new set of tools to understand the genetic architecture of economic behaviors and choices. This course will also expose the students to the challenges and pitfalls of the existing econometric studies and the potential contributions of an interdisciplinary route that brings together genetics and economics in unpacking some fundamental concepts in economics like preference, time discounting, and risk aversion.

The course will include an introduction to behavioral and molecular genetics, econometric and statistical issues involved in using analytical frameworks involving genetic data, and applications of genetics in the areas of economic growth, health insurance, financial markets, and labor markets.

Prerequisite: Intermediate microeconomics and introductory econometrics.

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