Econ 481a. Empirical Microeconomics

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T 9:25 - 11:15 am
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Permission of instructor required

Empirical microeconomists take economic theories and methodologies out into the world, applying them to interesting questions of individual behavior and societal outcomes.  This upper-level seminar will start with an overview of the field and its methodologies, followed by foundational material in economic theory and econometric identification.  We will then spend the bulk of the semester addressing substantive areas of inquiry such as environmental effects on health, the fetal origins hypothesis, and the economics of crime, gender, and race.

Most of our time will be devoted to close reading of research papers, including discussion of the relative merits of particular methodologies.  Students will participate actively in class discussion, engage with cutting-edge research, evaluate empirical data, and write an analytical paper.  The goal of the course is to enable students to develop and enhance their own skills and interests as applied microeconomists.

Prerequisites: Intermediate Microeconomics or equivalent, and Econometrics.

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