Econ 556a. Topics in Empirical Economics & Public Polilcy

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Monday/Wednesday 10:30-11:50
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In this course a number of methods and approaches to empirical economic analysis are reviewed.  These are then illustrated and discussed with reference to specific empirical studies.  The emphasis is on learning to use methods and to developing an understanding on how specific empirical questions determine the empirical approach to be used.  As a result we review a broad range of approaches including program evaluation methods and structural modelling including estimation approaches, computational issues and problems with inference.

COURSE REQUIREMENT:  Term paper replicating and critically assessing an empirical study

This course is available only to Ph.D. students from the Department of Economics.  Exceptionally Ph.D. students from other departments can take the course for credit if a faculty member, normally from their department, can supervise and grade their term paper.

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