Econ 680a. Public Finance I

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Monday/Wednesday 2:30-3:50
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Room 108

This course has two objectives.  The primary objective is to teach the leading current tools and methods of public finance.  The second objective is to advance student’s development by providing training in the production of high-quality research.  This training may help students read, contribute to, and draw from recent progress in this literature.  The course covers major topics in public finance including externalities, public goods, benefit/cost analysis, fiscal federalism, social insurance, retirement savings, poverty and inequality, taxation, and others.  Applications will be provided to crime, education, environment and energy, health and health insurance, housing, and other markets and domains.  This course covers a variety of applied methods including sufficient statistics, randomized control trials, hedonic models, regression discontinuity, discrete choice, spatial equilibrium, dynamic growth models, differences-in-differences, integrated assessment models, applied general equilibrium, event studies, firm production functions, learning models, general method of moments, and propensity-score reweighting estimators.

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