Econ 740a/F&ES 701a Climate Change Economics

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M/W 1-2:20
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Sage Hall 32

This course will focus on research methods in the economics of climate change, focusing particularly on impact studies.  The topics include important studies on impacts as well as research syntheses and research replication.  The course will be organized around several modern valuation studies that are central to the estimation of the economic impacts of climate change.  The purpose of this course is to provide students with training in dealing with quantitative economic analysis and modeling.  Students will form teams of two and choose a study.  They will gather the data and methods of that study from the authors or a journal.  They will then attempt to replicate the published results.  The teams will (1) study the theory empirical analysis, (2) gather the data and modeling to replicate the results, and (3) determine how sensitive the results are to the assumptions and specifications.  Students need to have taken econometrics and the relevant courses in economics.  The course will meet every other week for the entire year to give students time to analyze their studies and present their results to the class.  Course requirements are presentations, a course paper, and intermediate products.  Courses meets every other week for both fall and spring semester, one semester worth of credit.  Limited enrollment.

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