Can I use the Yale Federal Statistical Research Data Center?

Individuals wishing to conduct research at the Yale Federal Statistical Research Data Center (YRDC) must submit a research proposal to the Center for Economic Studies (CES) at the U.S. Census Bureau. CES accepts proposals for review at any time during the year. Both Census Bureau and external experts on subject matter, datasets and disclosure risk review all proposals. Reviews of each proposal are based on five major criteria:

  1. Benefit to Census Bureau programs
  2. Scientific merit
  3. Clear need for nonpublic data
  4. Feasibility
  5. Disclosure risk

If all standards are met, a proposal must also pass a review by the Census Bureau’s Office of Analysis and Executive Support. If approved by the Census Bureau, the proposal may also  require approval by the federal agency sponsoring the survey or supplying the administrative data.

Access to the YFSRDC is restricted to Census Bureau employees or researchers who have  Special Sworn Status (SSS) with the Census Bureau. Each researcher must obtain security clearance by undergoing a background check to become a Special Sworn Status employee of the Census Bureau, and must sign and make a sworn statement about preserving the confidentiality of the data.  Researchers are not permitted to remove  any data or any analysis results from the FSRDC unless it passes a disclosure avoidance review.

For more information on the YFSRDC, please visit the YFSRDC page found on the Cowles Foundation website.