2021 Senior Essay Nominees

Saturday, May 22, 2021
2021 Senior Essay Nominee Group Photo

Each year, 40-50 students write a senior essay in economics. Of these, the top essays are nominated for a prize by both the student’s advisor as well as a second reader from the department. A committee comprised of faculty members from the Department of Economics read and select the prize winning essays. The prizes are awarded on commencement day during the students’ respective college ceremonies, and the winning essays will be posted on the prize page after graduation.

This year, seven senior essays have been nominated for prizes. The nominees are: Marley Finley, Rohan GargLauren HarrisAdrian KuleszaHannah MorenoTeodora Tyankova, and Lucy Zhu.

The prizes are as follows:

  • The Charles Heber Dickerman Memorial Prize
    Awarded to one or more seniors who have presented the best departmental essay.

  • The Ronald Meltzer/Cornelia Awdziewicz Economic Award
    Awarded to one or two runner-up(s) for the Dickerman Prize.

  • The Ellington Prize
    Awarded to one or more seniors who have presented the best departmental essay in the field of finance.

The nominated essays have been posted below with the permission from the authors.

Nominee: Marley Finley:
Advisor: Costas Meghir
Essay: Girls Who Code: A Randomized Field Experiment on Gender-Based Hiring Discrimination
Nominee: Rohan Garg:
Advisor: Yair Listokin
Essay: Should Central Banks Lend to Local Governments in Times of Crisis? Evidence from the Federal Reserve’s Covid-19 Municipal Liquidity Facility
Nominee: Lauren Harris:
Advisor: Joseph Altonji
Essay: Estimating Excess Female Attrition From STEM Occupations
Nominee: Adrian Kulesza:
Advisor: Costas Arkolakis
Essay: Transportation Infrastructure and Knowledge Diffusion
Nominee: Hannah Moreno:
Advisor: Fabrizio Zilibotti
Essay: Effect of Romania's E.U. Accession on Regional Emigration and Development
Nominee: Teodora Tyankova:
Advisor: Gerald Jaynes
Essay: Demystifying the Economic Impact of the Refugee Crisis: An Analysis of Revenues and Expenditures Associated With Refugee Flows and Stocks into Bulgaria
Nominee: Lucy Zhu:
Advisor: Costas Meghir
Essay: California’s Three Strikes Law Reformed: What Happens to Crime Rates When Stealing a Slice of Pizza No Longer Means Life Behind Bars

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