Nicholas Ryan
June 20, 2014
Nicholas Ryan studies energy markets and environmental regulation in developing countries. Energy use enables high standards of living but rapid, energy-intensive growth has...
Jose-Antonio Espin-Sanchez
June 20, 2014
Jose-Antonio Espin-Sanchez is an Economic Historian with a strong background in economic theory, industrial organization and empirical structural estimation methods. His...
Amanda Kowalski presenting from behind a podium
June 19, 2014
Assistant Professor of Economics Amanda Kowalski recently participated in “Why Health Spending Growth Matters to Budgets and the Private Sector,” a panel discussion hosted by...
Aerial of Kadir Van Lohuizen
May 14, 2014
The third National Climate Assessment report — released on May 6 by the White House, and representing the work of more than 240 scientists — warns us about our hazardous...
Dean Karlan
May 14, 2014
… make decisions to maximize our happiness, there are two parts that incorporate other people,” said Dean Karlan, a Yale economics professor…. Read the entire...
William Nordhaus sitting at his desk looking back out his office door
May 12, 2014
Today the work of Robert and William Nordhaus is profoundly shaping how the United States and other nations take on global warming…. Read the entire article [New York Times]
Robert Shiller
May 6, 2014
Robert Shiller, the Yale economist, uses the average of corporate earnings over the last decade to calculate whether stocks are valued fairly, which has the important...