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Research Assistants

Coordinated Response to Medical Emergencies in Urban Environments

Responding to a medical emergency can consist of multiple elements. This includes timeliness, from first response to transporting the person to a hospital; and the type of response such as skill, equipment and medication.

This project will jointly study how such responses will work together, and to what extent (and when) they will be substitutes or compliments.

Tasks will include:

  1. Collect relevant information such as demographics, physical movements of people and occurrence rates of medical emergencies in urban environments.
  2. Build modular simulation models to study the various elements of responding to medical emergencies in urban environments. The intention is to build this in Python with SymPy, but we may also explore other tools.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications

This project will require solid background in Computer Science and Probability Modeling. The candidate should have extensive experience coding in Python.