Summer 2018 Herb Scarf Summer Research Projects

Adverse selection and health care provider network formation
Professor Jacob Wallace
  • Award: Dominique Desroches
  • Award: Cody Clements
Capacity Discipline in the Airline Industry
Professor Kevin Williams, Professor Fiona Scott Morton
  • Award: Ryo Tamaki
  • Award: Hersh Gupta
Causal Machine Learning
Professor Yusuke Narita
  • Award: Devesh Agrawal
  • Award: Keniel Yao
  • Award: Fatih Celikbas
Evidence about Evidence-based Policy Making
Professor Yusuke Narita
  • Award: Jacob Carlson
  • Award: Ling Dong
Foreclosures and empty houses in CT
  • Award: Thomas Atlee
  • Award: Benjamin Wong
How have national and multinational bodies responded to financial crises?
Professor Andrew Metrick, Professor Christian McNamara
  • Award: Jorge Colmenares-Miralles
  • Award: Adrian Kulesza
The Geography of Economic Growth in the US since 1850
Professor Costas Arkolakis, Professor Michael Peters
  • Award: Lydia Wickard
  • Award: Loften Deprez
The Growth Slowdown and Rising Market Power in the US
Professor Michael Peters
  • Award: Jordi Bofill
  • Award: Tra Nguyen
  • Award: Farouq Ghandour
  • Award: Gloria Wu
  • Award: Chuang Tang