Econ 463b. The Economics and Science of Medicine

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Th 3:30 -5:20 pm
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This multidisciplinary class is an exploration of the background of today’s bestselling medicines, their huge commercial impact, and the companies that created them. It focuses on the most compelling aspects of drug development and company formation in the context of topical issues like cancer treatment, gene editing, stem cell therapy, the opioid epidemic, and drug pricing controversies.

Special focus will be paid to valuing assets and companies in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. We will read everything from scientific papers to business school cases as we explore these interesting issues. We will have occasional guests from industry and the investment community to aid us in our study.

Prerequisites: Introductory or intermediate microeconomics OR introductory or intermediate Biology, Molecular Biology, Chemistry or Biomedical Engineering

[Also BENG 403]

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Course Description
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Only intro micro as prerequisite