Econ 465b. Debating Globalization

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M 9:25 - 11:15am
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Permission of instructor required

This seminar is intended for students interested in studying the main drivers, consequences and challenges of the increasing interaction and interdependence among economies and societies across the world. It will emphasize the economic dimensions of globalization, and it will address, albeit briefly, a few questions of international governance and geopolitics that conceivably influence the evolution of the global economy. Although attention will be devoted to the historical antecedents of contemporary globalization, most discussions will center on issues of current debate and relevant policy implications.

In light of recent events, it will be essential to address the ongoing backlash against globalization. In this respect, issues of globalization’s inclusiveness and effects on income inequality, as well as the role played on the same phenomena by other variables such as technological change and domestic policies unrelated to aspects of globalization will be examined. By the same token, the United States’ current trade policies that have triggered, among other negative effects, a massive trade war with China as well as a substantial threat to the rules-based international trading system, will be discussed.

Prerequisites: Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics and International Economics.

[Also EP&E 224a and GLBL 330a]

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