Assistant Analyst

The Congressional Budget Office is a small nonpartisan agency that provides economic and budgetary analysis to the Congress. CBO’s Tax Analysis Division is seeking an Assistant Analyst. The division’s responsibilities include making projections of tax revenues, analyzing tax data, developing economic and statistical forecasting models, responding to Congressional requests, estimating the revenue effects of some legislation, preparing Congressional testimony, and writing research reports about tax policy.  
The analyst will be directly responsible for modeling and making projections of certain revenue sources, for estimating the effects of selected legislative proposals on revenues, for tracking revenue bills through the legislative process, for maintaining CBO’s databases related to federal revenues, and for providing research assistance and technical support to other analysts in the division. The analyst will also have extensive interactions with others in various legislative and executive branch agencies. Assistant Analysts typically pursue professional or graduate degrees in fields such as economics, public policy, and law following their two-to-three-year appointments at CBO.
Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in economics or a related field with significant quantitative coursework and outstanding quantitative skills, including facility with Microsoft Excel and other statistical software packages or programming languages;
This position is only for candidates who have or are obtaining a bachelor’s degree; it is not for those who have or are obtaining a master’s degree.
We appreciate any assistance you can provide in distributing this information to graduating seniors and recent alum. They can view the entire announcement and apply directly at This position may be closed any time after April 23, 2018.
US citizens and permanent residents of the US seeking citizenship can apply.

The Congressional Budget Office
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Washington D. C.
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Monday, April 23, 2018
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