Full-time Swensen fellows and Summer interns

Would you like to learn the skills of a top-tier strategy consultant, while working in service of a client you know and love: Yale University?
If so, we invite you to apply for the Yale University Swensen Fellows in Strategic Analysis program. Positions are currently available for summer internships as well as full-time positions following graduation from Yale College or Yale graduate and professional programs. Full-time positions are planned for two years, though longer-term commitments are possible in the case of exceptional performance. Summer internships are for 10 weeks.
The Group
Fellows will work in the Office of Strategic Analysis and Institutional Research, under the direction of Associate Vice President Tim Pavlis. Tim joined Yale in 2015 after over a decade as a strategy consultant, most recently as a Principal at Bain & Company in San Francisco. The group reports jointly to the Provost, Scott Strobel, and the SVP of Operations, Jack Callahan, and benefits from the support and frequent engagement of President Peter Salovey and other University leaders.
We work on the most complex strategic challenges facing Yale and help enable University leaders to make decisions that best advance Yale’s mission. Our work spans the campus, from Science Hill to the Medical School, from the College and Graduate School to the Professional Schools. We address a broad spectrum of topics including: defining and measuring excellence, setting priorities, improving performance, and allocating scarce resources across the units that comprise Yale. The decisions we support will have a decisive impact on the future of Yale. We measure our results in the actions taken by University leaders and collaborate closely with them as partners in this endeavor.
We believe the world needs more talented and dedicated analytically-minded leaders, so we envision this group as a training ground for leadership at Yale and beyond. Beyond the initial fellowship, we expect Fellows to assume leadership roles across the University, in other higher ed institutions, or in other organizations, whether for-profit or non-profit.

Desired Profile
• Intellectually curious. You have a passion for delving deeply into challenging questions, and can find something intellectually engaging in virtually any topic.
• Exceptionally strong quantitative skills. You must love applying logic to problems, and have an inherent comfort with data and logical argument. While you need not come from a quantitative discipline, you need to have a data-centric approach to framing and answering questions.
• Practical and results-oriented. First and foremost, you care about solving problems. You take a hypothesis-driven approach, and are willing to iterate to get to a workable solution. You are scrappy, willing to hunt down data and develop assumptions where data is scarce.
• Attentive to detail. You have the highest standards for your work, and always strive for zero defects, even in high-pressure situations. You are able to focus to get even the seemingly mundane details right in the service of the larger goal.
• Emotionally intelligent. You listen well and understand others’ perspectives. You understand that communicating effectively requires bringing your audience along with you.
• Collaborative and team-oriented. You love solving problems in a team environment, and excel at giving and receiving constructive feedback. You have a coaching and teaching mindset, and look to develop the capabilities of those with whom you work.
• Committed to and passionate about Yale’s mission and the advancement of higher education

To Apply
• Please send a resume, cover letter, and transcript to Zeshan Gondal at zeshan.gondal@yale.edu. Please indicate whether you are applying for the full-time or summer position.
• Deadlines:
o Round 1: application deadline September 25, offers extended by October 23
o Round 2: application deadline October 23, offers extended by November 20
• For further information on the program, feel free to contact any of our current team members:
o Tabish Azeem GRD’19 tabish.azeem@yale.edu
o Zeshan Gondal TC’19 zeshan.gondal@yale.edu
o Sarah Malkowski, GRD’20, sarah.malkowski@yale.edu
o Sanelma Heinonen, SY’20, sanelma.heinonen@yale.edu
o Sooyong Kwon, BK’21 (summer intern), sooyong.kwon@yale.edu

Yale University Swensen Fellows
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