Research Assistant

The Macro-Financial Division of the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund  conducts policy research on macroeconomic and financial issues critical to Fund surveillance activities, with a focus on macro-financial linkages, financial flows, and financial systems. The division is looking for a full-time research assistant (RA) that can start during the summer. The contract will be for one year with the possibility of extending it for a second year.

The selected candidate should have an undergraduate in economics.  S/he will work on a range of macro-financial projects (e.g., linkages between credit markets and the real economy, resolution of financial crises, cross-border banking, effects of macroprudential policies). S/he will demonstrate excellent data management skills (significant programming experience in standard econometric software (e.g., Stata, R), familiarity with computer systems, and the ability to handle large databases) and a good understanding of basic macroeconomics and finance. The RA should already have or be able to quickly develop the ability to work with the various sources of financial information and data used in the IMF, such as Worldscope, Datastream, and Bloomberg. If interested in the position, please contact Sole Martinez Peria at

International Monetary Fund
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Washington, D.C.
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