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We are looking for highly skilled and motivated individuals to work as our full-time research assistants for a period of at least one year. These research assistants will be based at Stanford, and will be Pre-Doctoral Fellows at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) and the Stanford Economics Department. We offer a package of benefits including the opportunity to take Stanford classes for credit. We hire on an ongoing basis and the starting date is negotiable.

The job will entail close collaboration on a number of new and ongoing projects in applied microeconomics. We structure the work to provide the experience and skills needed for success in graduate school.  Previous holders of this position have gone on to top Ph.D. programs including Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Yale, and the University of Chicago.

The ideal candidate will: (i) have a strong quantitative background; (ii) have strong computer science and programming skills; (iii) be able to work independently to solve problems; and (iv) have a long-term interest in pursuing research in economics. Background in economic research is a plus, but not necessary – we welcome candidates with strong technical backgrounds who are looking for more exposure to economics.

International applicants are welcome to apply. We are in many cases able to sponsor visas.

If interested, please submit a cover letter, CV, and copies of your transcripts by following the
link here.

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