Research Specialist 2

Professor James Heckman is seeking a Predoctoral Fellow (Research Specialist 2) to join his research team at the University of Chicago’s Center for the Economics of Human Development. ┬áThis position is ideal academic training for a young researcher with ambition to pursue their PhD in economics or similar quantitative fields, and the work is unique in that it offers many opportunities for early career co-authorship.

This hire would be an essential member of a team of researchers skilled in economics, computational statistics, mathematics, and data analysis working on projects of global scale. Some of our ongoing projects include those on rural education and child health in China, the origins and persistence of inequality in Denmark, a cost-benefit analysis of the lifetime social impacts of preschool programs, and similar intergenerational, longitudinal studies on child development and economic mobility.

Further details are provided in the posting linked below. For questions, please contact

The University of Chicago's Center for the Economics of Human Development
Job Location: 
Chicago, Illinois
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