Teach CS / ULA Opportunity

Apply now to join the Fall 2022 CS50 staff!

All students with CS experience are welcome to apply.  cs50.yale.edu/apply

Virtual Info Session @ 931 2110 7832 Wednesday, 2/9 from 6:30-7pm

In-Person Info Session @ CEID Thursday, 2/24 from 6:30-7pm

Applications will be accepted until Friday, 3/18

CS50 && CS201 will hold joint info sessions over the next few weeks for Fall ‘22 ULA/TA candidates:

Applications for CS50 are now open @ cs50.yale.edu/apply - closing 3/18

ULA/TA training and community building are among the core values of our staff: the only necessary qualifications for consideration are an intro CS course and a growth mindset! 

Info sessions will help candidates understand the interview process and the staff experience - we’ll leave plenty of time for your questions as well!

If (you have no pressing questions)

    Apply today!


    We hope to see you at an upcoming session!

Interviews are ongoing - apply today!

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Friday, March 18, 2022
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