The Impact of Trade Liberalization with China on the United States

Faculty Member: 

Natalie Yang '18

Proposal Description:

This project investigates the impact of the U.S. granting of Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) to China in the year 2000 on U.S. firms and    workers. (For background, see this paper.) Specific areas of investigation for this project include how this trade liberalization affected: (1) the flows of workers across industries as well as entry and exit from the labor force; (2) the flows of workers across regions; (3) capital investment by U.S. firms; (4) human capital accumulation by U.S. workers; and (4) product upgrading by Chinese firms. The principal task of the RAs will be to refine raw datasets collected from the web using STATA and to use the refined data to examine various outcomes via regression analysis, also using STATA.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Knowledge of STATA.

Project Year: Summer 2017 Herb Scarf Summer Research Projects