The Effect of Industry Failure on Entrepreneurial Entry

Faculty Member: 

Maria Velicu

Proposal Description:

The rate at which individuals are entering entrepreneurship and demonstrating interest in entrepreneurship continues to climb. This has led researchers to focus on different facets of the entrepreneurial process, such as understanding who becomes an entrepreneur, where they locate their firm, and the resources they receive. This study focuses on how an industry-level failure, such as a market crash, affects the likelihood that subsequent ventures are formed, the type of people that form them, and where they locate their firm. The context for this study will be the hedge fund industry and Internet firms. Research assistance is sought to clean data that has already been collected for this project, to collect data on entrepreneurial activity in these industries from a variety of sources, analyze these data using Stata under Dr. Botelho’s guidance, along with other tasks that may arise related to this project.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Coursework in statistics/econometrics, a basic knowledge of Stata, attention to detail, ability to work independently and an interest in conducting social science research. Web-scraping skills and would be very beneficial as well as an interest in entrepreneurship, but neither not necessary

Project Year: Summer 2018 Herb Scarf Summer Research Projects