Evidence about Evidence-based Policy Making

Faculty Member: 

Proposal Description:

The last few decades saw a big push toward “evidence-based policy making,” resulting in large-scale initiatives and projects such as those mentioned here:
There is little meta-evidence, however, about whether any of such evidence-based-policy movements resulted in any improvement in any important outcome.
In this project, we attempt to provide such “evidence about evidence-based policy making.”

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

This project involves econometric/statistical and empirical aspects.

I am looking for an RA to help with any aspect the RA is interested in.
An ideal candidate is somebody who has done coursework in econometrics/statistics (especially causal inference) and empirical microeconomics (especially development, education, health, labor, public).
Please attach a transcript with your application.
Including a writing sample would be a plus though not required.
  • Jacob Carlson
  • Ling Dong
  • Deena Mousa