Gender, Competition, and Compensation

Faculty Member: 

Proposal Description:

Previous experimental analysis suggested that men systematically prefer compensation through a competitive winner-take-all tournament, while women systematically prefer compensation through non-competitive piece-rate compensation. Previous researchers have focused on the explanation that men are systematically over-confident in their own relative ability and have a taste for competition, while women are systematically under-confident and have a distaste for competition.

This project is re-examining that previous analysis. We are running a new laboratory experiment, with the experimental protocol informed by recent developments in the selective trials literature and in the literature on elicitation of beliefs. We will be analyzing the resulting data using recent techniques for selection models and heterogeneous effects.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

The RA should have a strong interest in working with data and some experience with R.

  • Alissa Ji
  • Eli Metzner