Competition policy

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Proposal Description:

The RA will be supporting my work and co-authors in the area of competition and antitrust enforcement policy. The tasks will involve a series of small projects in areas like measuring the use of the word “competition” in 10-k filings, and gathering information about enforcement actions in aggregate and by specific characteristics. The different types of data will be explained and written up and the implications for the level of competition in the US economy will be drawn, ie. does the evidence support the need for additional enforcement, or is it consistent with more than one level of competition, or should it be interpreted as showing no competitive problems? The RA will work with me directly and should come away having learned a lot about the competition policy debate in the United States.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Intermediate micro is required. Some other economics background would be good, particularly an IO course like Firms, competition and markets, but that is not required.

Hersh Gupta
Monica Barbosa
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Tobin RA
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Spring 2018 Tobin Research Projects