Development Lunch, 2002/03 - 2011/12

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Sep. 9 James Choy, “Group Size and Cooperation: Theory and Evidence from Nepal”
Sep. 16 Treb Allen, “Information Frictions in Trade”
Sep. 23 No Lunch, Growth Week
Sep. 30 Yaniv Stopnitzky, “The Bargaining Power of Missing Women: Evidence from Indian Sanitation Policy”
Oct. 7 Muthoni Ngatia, “Social Interactions and Individual Reproductive Decisions
Oct. 14 Melanie Morten, “Migration and Risk Sharing in Village Economies”
Oct. 21 Muneeza Alam, “Testing the Collective Household Model with Heterogeneous Risk Preferences”
Nov. 4 Alex Cohen, “Roads and Productivity in Ethiopia”
Nov. 11 Snaebjorn Gunnsteinsson, “Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in Crop Insurance Contracts: Evidence from Two Rounds of Field Experiments”
Nov. 18 Sabyasachi Das, “Information and Reporting in Local Governance Systems”
Dec. 2 Xiang Ma, Yale University, “Migration and Education”
Dec. 9 Adam Osman
Feb. 17 Penny Goldberg, Yale, “Firm Performance and Trade Reform: Evidence from India”
Feb. 24 Xiang Ma, Yale University, “Migration and Education”
Mar. 2 Yu Liu, Yale University, “Government Tiers and Local Educational Expenditure”
Mar. 23 Camilo Dominguez, Yale University, “Parents’ Marriage Markets and Children Outcomes”
Mar. 30 Rafael Santos, “To Share is to Keep. Politicians and Firms. Firm Ownership in Post Apartheid South Africa”
Apr. 6 Vis Taraz, Yale University, “Adaptation to Long-Run Climate Variability: Evidence from the Indian Monsoon”
Apr. 13 Snaejborn Gunnsteinsson, Yale University, “Trust: Formation and Social Learning”
Apr. 20 Melanie Morten, Yale University, “Migration and Risk Sharing in India”
Apr. 27 Jaqueline Oliveira, Yale University, “Fertility and Intergenerational Transfers: Evidence from China and Indonesia”
May 4 Snaebjorn Gunnsteinsson, Yale University, “Adverse Selection in Crop Insurance: Farmers’ Careful Balancing of Risk, Tenure Arrangements, and Shadow Price”
May 18 Sabrin Beg, Yale University, “Landlords, Clientelism, and Public Goods”
May 23 Alex Cohen, Yale University, “Productivity Dispersion and Misallocation Between Ugandan Farms”
Jun. 4 Adam Osman, Yale University, “Tackling Youth Unemployment”
Sep. 6 Federico Gutierrez, Yale University, “Labor Contracts to Smooth Income and Gender Wage”
Sep. 13 Rachel Heath, Yale University, “Why Do Firms Hire Using Referrals? Evidence from Bangladeshi Garment Factories”
Sep. 27 Gharad Bryan, Yale University, “Ambiguity and Insurance
Oct. 4 Yvonne Jie Chen, Yale University, “Fertility and Human Capital Investment in Rural China”
Oct. 11 Priscila Souza, Yale University, “Moral Hazard in the Family”
Oct. 18 Muthoni Ngatia,Yale University, “Social Networks and Individual Decision Making”
Oct. 25 Kathryn Vasilaky, University of Maryland, “Randomizing Social Networks in Rural Uganda: New Links do Improve Outcomes
Nov. 1 Jaqueline Oliveira, Yale University, “Inter-generational Transmission of Wealth and Migration and Farm Productivity”
Nov. 8 Rafael Santos, Yale University, “Politicians and Firms: Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa”
Nov. 15 Anant Nyshadham, Yale University, “Endowments and Early-Life Health Investments within the Household”
Nov. 29 Yu Liu, Yale University, “Migration and Rural Labor Market”
Dec. 2 Adam Osman, Yale University, “Understanding Financial Literacy: Experimental Evidence from the Philippines”
Dec. 6 Xiaoxue Zhao, Yale University, “Land Tenure Insecurity and Labor Allocation in Rural China”
Feb. 14 Melanie Morten, “Networks, Risk Sharing, and Aggregate Shocks: Looking Outside the Village”
Feb. 21 Yu Liu, Yale University, “Fiscal Reform, Administrative Reform, and the Implications: An On-Going Experiment in China”
Feb. 28 Treb Allen, “Information Frictions in Trade: A Study of Agricultural Commodity Flows in the Philippines”
Mar. 28 Muthoni Ngatia, “Social Networks and Financial Deepening”
Apr. 4 James Choy, “Group Size and Cooperation:  Theory and Evidence from Nepal”
Apr. 11 Anant Nyshadham, “Learning about Heterogeneous Returns to Schooling”
Apr. 18 Adam Osman, “Understanding Financial Literacy: Experimental Evidence from the Philippines”
Apr. 25 Snaebjorn Gunnsteinsson
May 2 Xiaoxue Zhao, “Access to Credit and Industrial Restructuring: Evidence from China”
May 9 Rafael Santos, “To Share is To Keep: Politicians and Firms in South Africa
May 16 Jaqueline Oliveira, “From Grandchild to Grandparent: Investment in Children and Intergenerational Transfers”
Sep. 10 Snaebjorn Gunnsteinsson, “Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in Crop Insurance Contracts: Design of a Field Experiment”
Sep. 24 Alwyn Young, London School of Economics, “The African Growth Miracle”
Oct. 1 Reena Badiani, “Factories and Farms: How does economic growth impact rural educational investment?”
Oct. 8 Muneeza Alam, “Intra-household allocation of Human Resource Investment in Albania”
Oct. 15 James Fenske, “Does land abundance explain African institutions?”
Oct. 22 Mir Salim, “Revealed Objective Functions of Microfinance Institutions”
Oct. 29 Melanie Morten, “Informal Risk Sharing Networks and Migration”
Nov. 5 Camilo Dominguez, “Expectations About Returns to Education”
Nov. 12 Treb Allen, “Optimal (Partial) Group Liability in Microfinance Lending”
Nov. 19 Muthoni Ngatia, “Social Interactions and Individual Decision Making”
Dec. 10 Anant Nyshadham, “The Effects of Healthcare Choice on Health Outcomes: Evidence from Tanzania” (with Achyuta R. Adhvaryu)
Feb. 4 Snaebjorn Gunnsteinsson, “Information Asymmetries in Crop Insurance and Informal Credit: Theory and Design of a Field Experiment”
Feb. 11 Gharad Bryan, “Ambiguity and Insurance”
Feb. 18 Federico Gutierrez “Illness, Time Allocation, Implicit Contracts and the Gender Wage Gap”
Feb. 25 Treb Allen “An Old Theory of Regional Trade”
Mar. 4 Rachel Heath, “Why do Employers Hire Using Referrals? Evidence from Bangladeshi Garment Factories”
Mar. 25 Muneeza Alam, “Birth Order and Educational Attainment of Young Adults in Indonesia”
Apr. 1 Melanie Morten, “Informal Risk Sharing Networks and Migration in India”
Apr. 8 Snaebjorn Gunnsteinsson, “Pure” adverse selection, mechanics of moral hazard, spillover effects and other design goals for a crop insurance experiment
Apr. 15 Christoph Trebesch, “Social Networks and Migrant Exploitation”
Christian Goldammer “Using Factor Analysis to Improve the Measurement of Preferences” (with Snaebjorn Gunsteinssonn, Julian Jamison, and Dean Karlan)
Apr. 22 Jeremy Shapiro, “Altruism and Discounting: Time Preference in Groups and Pairs”
Apr. 29 Camilo Dominguez, “The Role of Expectations in Schooling Decisions”
May 6 Priscila Souza, “Moral Hazard in the Family”
May 13 James Choy, “Is Polygyny Bad for Women?”
Sep. 11 Doug McKee, Yale University PostDoc
Sep. 18 Daniel Rosenblum
Sep. 25 Prashant Bharadwaj
Oct. 2 Pinar Keskin, “Thirsty Factories, Hungry Farmers: Intersectoral Impacts of Industrial Water Demand”
Oct. 9 Santosh Anagol
Oct. 16 Achyuta Adhvaryu, “Misdiagnosis and the Low Adoption of Malaria Therapy in Tanzania”
Oct. 23 James Fenske, “Imachi Nkwu: How Commercialization of Natural Resources Can Create Common Property”
Oct. 30 Reena Badiani
Nov. 6 Priscila Souza, “Moral Hazard and the Family”
Nov. 13 Muthoni Ngatia, “Social Networks and HIV/AIDS in Africa”
Nov. 20 Gharad Bryan
Dec. 4 Vis Taraz, “Local Government in Rural India: The Roles of Land Ownership and Caste”
Mar. 26 Treb Allen, “Estimating the Prevalence of Strategic Default in Group Loans”
Apr. 2 Christine Binzel, “The Limited Effect of Social Distance on Trust: Experimental Evidence from a Slum”
Apr. 9 Federico Gutierrez, “Illness, Time Allocation, and Gender Wage Gap”
Apr. 16 James Choy
Apr. 30 Priscila Souza
May 14 Mir Salim, “Location decision of Microfinance Institutions”
Sep. 6 Santosh Anagol, “Adverse Selection in Asset Markets: Theory and Evidence from Dairying in Rural India”
Sep. 20 Shing-Yi Wang, “Liquidity Constraints, Mobility and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from a Housing Reform in China”
Sep. 27 Christian Awuku-Budu, “The Long-Run Effects of Expanded Access to Formal Banking Institutions: Evidence from Rural India”
Oct. 18 Daniel Rosenblum, “Fertility Decisions and Child Investment: Consequences for Gender Differences in Child Mortality in India”
Oct. 25 Gharad Bryan, “Information or Intimidation: How Does ‘Social Capital’ Improve Loan Repayment?”
Federico Gutierrez, “Water Quality and Welfare in Mexico”
Nov. 1 Reena Badiani, “Coping with Risk: Temporary Migration and Off-Farm Labor Responses to Shocks”
Nov. 8 Anna Paulson (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), “Bank Crises and Investor Confidence: Learning from the Experience of U.S. Immigrants” (with Una Osili)
Nov. 15 Achyuta Adhvaryu, “The Impacts of Adult Deaths on the Elderly in Tanzania”
Dec. 6 Rachel Heath, “Decentralization and Collective Action: the Case of Nicaragua’s Autonomous Public Schools”
Dec. 13 Santosh Anagol, “Adverse Selection in Asset Markets: Theory and Evidence from Dairying in Rural India”
Dec. 20 Pinar Keskin, ”Thirsty Factories, Hungry Farmers? The Indian Experience”
Vis Taraz, “Bargaining Over Fertility”
Mar. 6 Gharad Bryan, “The Implications of Limited Commitment for Tests of Network Risk Sharing”
Mar. 27 Santosh Anagol, “Adverse Selection in Rural Asset Markets: Theory and Evidence from Livestock Trading in India”
Apr. 3 Federico Gutierrez, “Impact of Argentina’s ‘Plan Jefes’ on Teen’s School Attendance”
Apr. 10 Rachel Heath, “Interlinked Contracts and Market Power: an Exploration of Aquaculture in Bangladesh”
Apr. 17 Reena Badiani, ”Rural Non-Farm Growth in India: Who Gets the Non-Farm Jobs?”
Apr. 24 Achyuta Adhvaryu, “Congestion at Health Facilities and the Adoption of New Malaria Therapy”
May 8 Pinar Keskin, “Thirsty Factories, Hungry Farmers: Water as a New Link between Agriculture and Industry?”
May 15 Mir Salim, “Microfinance Institutions”
Sep. 6 Christian Awuku-Budu, Yale University, “The Impact of Access to Formal Finance on Human Capital Accumulation: Evidence from India”
Sep. 13 Santosh Anagol, Yale University, “Cow Markets in India”
Sep. 21 Lori Beaman, Yale University, “Refugee Resettlement: The Role of Social Networks and Job Information Flows in the Labor Market” and
Christopher Ksoll, Yale University, “Orphan Caregiving and Family Networks in Northwestern Tanzania”
Sep. 28 Jeremy Magruder, Yale University, “Intergenerational Networks, Unemployment, and Persistent Inequality in South Africa”
Oct. 5 Amit Khandelwal, Yale University, “The Long and Short (of) Quality Ladders”
Oct. 12 Guy Berger, Yale University, “The ‘Compensation Hypothesis’ and the Determinants of Food Aid Distribution in Rural Ethiopia”
Oct. 19 Ramona Bruhns, Yale University, “The Long-run Effects of HIV/AIDS in Kenya”
Oct. 26 Achyuta Adhvaryu, Yale University, “Does the Demand for Health Care Change in Response to New Therapy? Evidence from Rural Tanzania”
Nov. 2 Shing-Yi Wang, Yale University, “Marriage Partners and Income Risk Diversification under Privatization in China”
Nov. 9 Pinar Keskin, Yale University, “Thirsty Factories, Hungry Farmers: South Indian Experience”
Nov. 16 A. Mushfiq Mobarak, Yale University/University of Colorado at Boulder, “Foreign Graduate Students and Knowledge Creation at U.S. Universities: Evidence from Enrollment Fluctuations”
Nov. 30 T. Paul Schultz, Yale University, “Family Planning as Investment in Female Human Capital: Evaluating the long run effect in Matlab Bangladesh”
Dec. 7 Christopher Ksoll, Yale University, “Family Networks, Orphan Caretaking and Orphan Welfare in Tanzania”
Dec. 14 A. Mushfiq Mobarak, Yale University/University of Colorado at Boulder, “The Costs of Decentralization: Water Pollution Spillovers from the Re-drawing of County Boundaries in Brazil”
Feb. 22 Dean Karlan, Yale University, “Measurement Effects”
Mar. 1  Madiha Afzal, Yale University, “Are Politicians Rewarded for Luck?”
Mar. 8 James Fenske, Yale University, “Land and Intrahousehold Resource Allocation: Evidence from Benin”
Mar. 29 Shing-Yi Wang, Yale University, “Private Property Rights and Entrepreneurship in China”
Apr. 5 Achyuta Adhvaryu, Yale University, “Child Labor and Household Health Shocks”
Apr. 26 Christian Awuku-Budu, Yale University, “The Long Run Effects of Expanded Access to Formal Finance: Evidence from Rural India”
May 3 Mir Salim, Yale University, “Microfinance Institutions”
May 10 Prashant Bharadwaj, Yale University, “Impacts of Sterilizations”
Sep. 1 Harsha Thirumurthy, Yale University, “The impact of AIDS treatment on household welfare”
Sep. 8 Jeremy Magruder, Yale University, “Marital Shopping and Epidemic AIDS”
Sep. 15 Siddharth Sharma, Yale University, “Industrial Growth in Rural India: Why has initial agricultural yield mattered?”
Sep. 29 Guy Berger, Yale University, “The Effects of Food Aid on Ethiopian Local Grain Markets”
Oct. 6 Chris Udry, Yale University, “Institutions and Development: A View from Below”
Oct. 13 Petia Topalova, Yale University, “Trade Liberalization, Child Labor and  Schooling: Evidence from India”
Oct. 20 Dean Karlan, Yale University, “Group versus Individual Liability”
Oct. 27 Daniel Rosenblum, Yale University, “Evaluating Micro Health Insurance and Preventive Health Care in Rural India”
Nov. 3 Marc Suhrcke, World Health Organization, “Health and economic development: a European perspective”
Nov. 10 May Rostom, McGill University, “Are Educated Mothers More Likely to Vaccinate Their Children? The Effect of Endogenous Education on the Demand for Child Vaccines: Evidence from Peru”
Nov. 17 Santosh Anagol, Yale University, “Estimating the Returns to Capital”
Dec. 1 Pinar Keskin, Yale University, “Ambiguous Property Rights: An Overview”
Dec. 8 Yoshihisa Godo and Maiji Gakuin University, Yale University, “The Role of Education in the Economic Catch-Up: Comparative Growth Experience from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the United States”
Dec. 15 Yvonne Chen, Yale University, “Open Trade and Poverty Reduction”
Mar. 23 Christopher Ksoll, “Guardian Families and Orphans, Modeling the Choice of Caretaking”
Mar. 30 Guy Berger, “Determinants of Food Aid Distribution in Ethiopia”
Apr. 6 Mark Rosenzweig, “Do Population Control Policies Induce More Human Capital Investment? Twins, Birthweight, and China’s ‘One Child’ Policy”
Apr. 13 Douglas Gollin, “Malaria: Disease Impacts and Long-Run Income Differences” (with Christian Zimmermann, UConn)
Apr. 20 Pinar Keskin, “Optimal Firm Ownership Arrangement in a Transition Economy”
Apr. 27 Daniel Rosenblum, “Micro Health Insurance and Preventive Health Care in Rural Andhra Pradesh: Research Possibilities”
May 4 Amit Khandelwal, “The Long and Short (of) Quality Ladders”
May 11 Yvonne Jie Chen, “Exchange Rate Regime and Income in Developing Countries”
May 24 Tekabe Belay, “Rainfall Shocks, Child Labor, Schooling and Health in Rural Ethiopia”
May 31 Jeremy Magruder, “Patrilineal Networks and Youth Employment in South Africa”
Jun. 7 James Fenske, “Stepping Outside the Circle: Land Tenure and Fallowing Investment by Outsiders in Houphouetian Cote d’Ivoire”
Jun. 28 Madiha Afzal
Jul. 19 Guy Berger, “The Determinants of Food Aid in Rural Ethiopia”
Jul. 26 Christian Awuku-Budu, “Can Credit Scoring Alleviate the Problem of Information Assymetry in Microfinance Institutions? Evidence from the Philippines”
Aug. 9 Christopher Ksoll, “Orphan Caregiving and the Extended Family in Northwestern Tanzania”
Sep. 16 Dean Karlan,  ”Observing Unobservables: Identifying Information Asymmetries in Consumer Credit Markets”
Sep. 30 Siddharth Sharma, “Industrialization in Rural India: Have Agricultural Conditions Mattered?”
Oct. 7 Firman Witoelar, “The Determinants of Household Division: Some Evidence from the Indonesia
Oct. 14 Jeremy Magruder, “Fidelity and Punishment in an AIDS-pandemic Environment” 
Oct. 21 Erica Field, “Welfare Consequences of Early Marriage for Women in Bangladesh”
Oct. 28 Irene Brambilla, “Farm Productivity and Crop Choice: Evidence From Cotton Marketing
Nov. 4 Amit Khandelwal, “Estimating the Impact of U.S. Subsidies on Cotton Production and Prices”
Nov. 11 Madiha Afzal, “Does the Education of Legislators Matter?
Nov. 18 Lori Beaman, “The Role of Price Variability in Consumption Seasonality: Evidence from Mali”
Dec. 2 Amalavoyal Chari, “Dynamic Incentives and Commitment in Joint Liability Lending”
Dec. 9 Rachel Beattie, “Temporary Rural Migration in Cochabamba, Bolivia”
Dec. 16 Christian Awuku-Budu, “Increased Access to Credit and School Enrollments in India: Is There a Link?”
Feb. 3 Roundtable Discussion, please come prepared to speak for a few minutes on your research plans for this term
Feb. 17 Asim Khwaja, “Tracing the Financial and Real Impact of a Credit Crunch”
Mar. 10 Guy Berger, “Political Distrust and Trade Liberalization, One Small Step at a Time”
Mar. 17 Ruth Uwaifo, “Time Differences in Returns to Education in Nigeria: Fact of Fantasy?”
Mar. 24 Imran Rasul and Oriana Bandiera, “Managerial Incentives in Hierarchies: Evidence From a Firm Level Experiment”
Mar. 31 Siddharth Sharma, “Structural Change in India’s Labor Force: 1983-2000”
Apr. 7 Farooq Naseer, “An Exploratory Look at Cane Market Transactions in Pakistan”
Apr. 14 Amit Khandelwal, “Agricultural Subsidies and Base Updating”
Apr. 21 Jeremy Magruder, “Marital Shopping and Epidemic AIDS”
Apr. 28 Madiha Afzal, “Restricted Candidacy and Political Competition: Evidence from a Policy Change in the Minimum Education Requirement for Legislators in Pakistan”
May 5 Lori Beaman, “Ethnic Networks among Refugees Resettled in the US: The Good and the Bad?”
May 12 Christian Awuku-Budu
Rachel Beattie
May 19 Chris Ksoll, “Female Orphans on the Marriage Market”
May 26 Pedro Vicente, “Does Oil Corrupt? Theory and Evidence from a Natural Experiment in West Africa”
Jun. 1 Harsha Thirumurthy, “The Impact of AIDS Treatment on Socio-Economic Outcomes: Preliminary Evidence from Kenya”
Jun. 15 Steven Nafziger, “Factor Market Interactions in Fin de Siecle Russia”
Jun. 29 Amalavoyal Chari
Jul. 20 Chris Ksoll
Jul. 27 Masahiro Endoh, “Cross-Border Political Donations and Pareto-Efficient Tariffs”
Aug. 4 Amit Khandelwal, “Product Quality and Competition in International Trade”
Aug. 10 Christian Awuku-Budu, “The Impact of Rural Banks on School Enrollment: Evidence from Indian Bank Reforms”
Aug. 23 Farooq Naseer
Aug. 31 Harsha Thirumurthy, “The impact of AIDS Treatment on Household Welfare”
Sep. 2 Matthias Schuendeln, “Manufacturing Firms in Ghana”
Sep. 8 Christopher Timmins, “Utility Metric Measurement of Poverty”
Jun. 7 Informal Discussion, Summer Series Planning
Jun. 14 Farooq Naseer
Jun. 21 Shareen Joshi
Jul. 12 Siddharth Sharma, “Patterns of Industrialization in Rural India”
Jul. 19 Patrick Bayer
Aug. 2 Hanming Fang
Aug. 9 Tatiane DeMenezes
Aug. 23 Xia Li
Aug. 30 Caterina Calsamiglia, “Decentralizing Equality of Opportunity with Endogenous Effort”
Feb. 18 Richard Akresh, “Child Fostering in Burkina Faso”
Feb. 25 Renzo Comolli, “Gay and Lesbian Income Gap”
Mar. 4 Christopher Timmins, “Identifying Spatial Differences in the Brazilian Cost-of-Living with Household Location Choices”
Mar. 18 Matthias Schuendeln, “Firm Dynamics in the Presence of Credit Constraints”
Mar. 25 T. Paul Schultz, “The Causes and Consequences of Fertility Decline: Can We Learn from Kenya’s Experience?”
Apr. 1 Muhammad Farooq Naseer, “The Political Economy of Social Spending in Pakistan”
Apr. 8 Randi Pintoff (Lab/Pub), “What I Learned in Prison Today: Social Learning, Peer Effects, and Specialization in Juvenile Corrections”
Apr. 15 William Bunting, “Gaming the Legal System with an Application to the Necessity Defense”
Apr. 22 Tavneet Suri, “Testing for Consumption Insurance and the Identification of Risk-Sharing Groups”
Jun. 9 Harounan Kazianga, “Transfer in Burkina Faso”
Jun. 23 Matthias Schuendeln, “Manufacturing Firms in Ghana
Jul. 14 Farooq Naseer
Jul. 28 Harsha Thirumurthy, “Caste and Occupational Choice in India”
Aug. 11 Nistha Sinha and Harounan Kaziango, “Determinants of Polygyny in Rural Burkina Faso”