Tuesday, March 28, 2017

12:00pm Mira Frick, Yale University,
"Misperception in Local Interactions " (with Ryota Iijima and Yuhta Ishii)
28 Hillhouse Ave, Room 106
Micro Theory Lunch
12:00pm Thomas Chaney, Sciences Po,
"Trade, Merchants, and the Lost Cities of the Bronze Age" (joint with Gojko Barjamovic, Kerem Cosar and Ali Hortacsu)
28 Hillhouse Ave, Room 108
International Trade Lunch
12:00pm Yoko Okuyama, Yale University Ph.D./Kritika Narula, Yale University Ph.D.,
""Examining the Impact of Educational Debt Burden on Young Americans' Life Decisions" / "Decomposing the Effect of School Choice on Achievement Due to Peer and Teacher Quality""
28 Hillhouse Ave, Room B8
Labor/Public Economics Prospectus Workshop
2:20pm Emi Nakamura - Columbia,
"The Elusive Costs of Inflation: Price Dispersion during the U.S. Great Inflation"
28 Hillhouse Ave, Room 106
Macroeconomics Workshop
2:30pm Jan De Loecker, Princeton University,
"Market Power and Production (Mis)Allocation A Study of the World Oil Market " (joint with John Asker (UCLA) & Allan Collard-Wexler (Duke)
SOM, Evans Hall, 165 Whitney Ave, #2230 Nooyi Classroom
Industrial Organization Seminar