Econ 452b. Contemporary Issues in Energy Policy

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M 9:25 - 11:15 am
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HLH31 108

Permission of instructor required

This course provides an overview of the challenges in the global energy framework generated by the increasing concerns about energy security and climate change. A number of energy sources and technological options will be examined with particular emphasis on their environmental, social, and economic tradeoffs. Specific areas of focus will include: the availability of secure, economically feasible, yet environmentally unattractive fossil fuel options; the technical and economic challenges facing the new energy sources and the type of policies that will be needed to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon and more efficient energy economy; the promises and limitations of renewable energy systems; the new energy revolution fueled by significant shale oil and gas reserves around the globe; and the promises and perils of nuclear power.

[Also EP&E300b and GLBL302]

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