Further Information about Placement

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The majority of students considering economics take a course in introductory microeconomics during the fall of their first year (see below for options), and then take a course in introductory macroeconomics during the spring of their first year (again, see below for options). Even for students who already have a strong background in economics, the Yale introductory micro course is usually the best place to start: the level of analysis in this course is well above that in most high-school courses.

Nevertheless, there are some exceptions. Your personal placement at the Canvas economics placement site is based on admissions data and information you provided in the first-year survey. Using that information and past experience, the economics department has determined which economics courses you will want to consider taking first.

Please note:

  • Placing out of introductory courses does not reduce the number of courses required for the economics major.
  • You may not place out of an introductory economics course unless your personal placement at the economics placement site recommends it or you have permission from the DUS.

Placement is not a perfect process. For example, we may not have complete information about an economics or math course you took outside the US; or your AP results may have arrived too late to be in our data base.

Over-placement. If you think you have been incorrectly recommended to skip an introductory economics course, do not worry. Your personal placement to skip introductory micro is just an option. You always have the option of taking introductory micro as your first economics course at Yale. Similarly, your personal placement to skip introductory macro is just an option.

Under-placement. If you think you have been incorrectly not allowed to skip an introductory economics course, you should first check carefully both the Placement Rules and the Frequently Asked Questions listed below. If you still think your placement is wrong, you should see the DUS. You should bring documentation about any economics and math courses you have taken, including the grades. You may not skip introductory micro or macro at Yale unless your personal placement on the economics placement site recommends it or you have permission of the DUS.