Zilibotti Joins Department

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fabrizio Zilibotti has been appointed Professor of Economics and will be joining the department effective July 1, 2017. He is currently serving as Chair of Macroeconomics and Political Economy of the Department of Economics at the University of Zurich.

A former Professor of Economics at University College London and at Stockholm University, Zilibotti is a Fellow of the Econometric Society, EEA, CEPR and CESifo. He is a co-director of the NBER Economic Fluctuations Group on Income Distribution and Macroeconomics, and is the past president of the European Economic Association (2016).

His research interests include economic growth and development, political economy, macroeconomics, and the economic development of China. He has been the principal investigator of an ERC Advanced Grant, and is a joint recipient of the 2009 Yrjö Jahnsson Award (best economist in Europe under the age of 45), as well as, the 2012 Sun Ye Fang Award for his paper “Growing like China.”

He has published and forthcoming papers in several international journals, including, among others: American Economic Review, Econometrica,  Journal of Political EconomyQuarterly Journal of EconomicsReview of Economic Studies.

Zilibotti is also a co-editor of Econometrica and an associate editor of the Journal of Economic Growth, and formally served as chief editor of the Journal of the European Economic Association (2009-14), and director and managing editor of the Review of Economic Studies (2002-06). 

Hailing from Vignola, Italy, he will be joined by his wife Maria Saez Marti (who is also joining the Yale Department of Economics), and daughter Nora. More on Zilibotti, his research, and publications can be found on his personal website.