Tobin Scholars

The Department of Economics has established an annual prize for outstanding performance in the core theory courses in economics: intermediate microeconomics (Econ 121 and Econ 125), intermediate macroeconomics (Econ 122 and Econ 126), and econometrics (Econ 131 and Econ 136). This prize will be awarded in each academic year to up to four senior majors in Economics or Economics and Mathematics who have excelled in these courses. The prizewinners are Tobin Scholars — to honor James Tobin, a prominent member of the Department of Economics at Yale from 1950 to 2002 and the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1981. For more history on the prize, please see this article.

2017 Tobin Scholars

  • Justin Katz, Economics & Mathematics, Ezra Stiles College
  • Jason Gaitonde, Economics & Mathematics, Morse College
  • Joyce Koltisko, Economics, Berkeley College
  • Yicong Shen, Economics & Mathematics, Grace Hopper College

2016 Tobin Scholars

  • Gregory (Greg) Cameron, Economics, Saybrook College
  • Michael Chen Wang, Economics, Jonathan Edward College
  • Anna Elizabeth Russo, Economics, Berkeley College
  • Trevor Williams, Economics & Mathematics, Calhoun College 

2015 Tobin Scholars

  • Vivath Ly, Economics & Mathematics, Branford College
  • Eugene Kim, Economics, Berkeley College
  • Jonathan Lam, Electrical Engineering & Economics, Morse College
  • Darien Lee, Economics & Chemistry, Branford College

2014 Tobin Scholars

  • Anna Demaree, Economics, Pierson College
  • Michael Hopkins, Economics & Computer Science, Saybrook College
  • Kelly Hsu, Economics, Pierson College
  • Jeremy Hutton, Economics, Pierson College

2013 Tobin Scholars

  • Leon Zhang, Economics and Mathematics, Trumbull College
  • Nicholas Alers, Economics, Davenport College
  • Sherif Disi, Economics, Timothy Dwight College
  • Maren Hopkins, Economics & Mechanical Engineering, Davenport College

2012 Inaugural Tobin Scholars

  • Ian Hoffman, Economics and Mathematics, Berkeley College
  • Jacob Effron, Economics, Silliman College
  • Erica Segall, Economics, Morse College
  • Christopher Vasseur, Economics, Jonathan Edwards College