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Visiting Program: *Cowles Foundation and **Economic Growth Center

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Barnett-Howell, Zack [AY 2018-19]
Postdoctoral Associate
*Borgers, Tilman [AY 2018-19]
Visiting Professor
Davila, Eduardo [AY 2018-19]
Visiting Assistant Professor
28 Hillhouse Avenue, Room 304
Dix-Carneiro, Rafael [AY 2018-19]
Visiting Assistant Professor
27 Hillhouse, Room 21
*Dubey, Pradeep [Spring 2019]
Leading Professor of Economics, Stony Brook
30 Hillhouse, Rm 7
Personal Website
*Fanning, Jack [AY 2018-19]
Visiting Assistant Professor, Brown University
*Fieler, Ana
Visiting Assistant Professor
Lewis, Joshua [Spring 2019]
Visiting Assistant Professor
*Liu, Heng [AY 2018-19]
Visiting Assistant Professor
*Meneghel, Idione [AY 2018-19]
Visiting Senior Lecturer, Australian National University
*Mukhin, Dmitry [AY 2018-19]
Postdoctoral Associate
Personal Website
Pascutti, Michael J [AY 2018-19]
Visiting Lecturer in Economics
28 Hillhouse Ave, Rm 311
+1 (917) 331-9330
Rapaport, John [Fall 2018]
28 Hillhouse Ave., Rm 208
*Rickne, Johanna [AY 2018-19]
Visiting Associate Professor, Stockholm University
*Seo, Myung [AY 2018-19]
Visiting Associate Professor, Seoul National University
*Werquin, Nicolas [AY 2018-19]
Visiting Assistant Professor, Toulouse School of Economics
**Zhao, Xiaoxue [AY 2018-19]
Postdoctoral Associate, Duke University
27 Hillhouse, Rm 22
Personal Website