• collage of 2019 Job Market Candidates
    2019 Job Market Candidates
  • New Joint Major in Economics and Computer Science header
    New Joint Major in Economics and Computer Science
  • William Nordhaus addressing audiance
    William Nordhaus Awarded Nobel Prize
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    Tobin Center for Economic Policy



  • Robert Shiller on the power of narratives

    portrait of Robert ShillerStories matter, shaping our beliefs, decisions, and actions. Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert J. Shiller sees this play out in the economy constantly. “We have to...
  • 2019 Tobin Scholar Prize Recipients

    2019 Tobin Scholar Recipients Mark Gustaferro, Jorge Colmenares-Miralles, Cynthia Goldman, and Lisa QianThe Department of Economics is proud to announce the recipients of the 2019 Tobin Scholar Prize for their outstanding performance in economic core theory courses. The four...
  • 2019-20l Merton J. Peck Prize Recipients

    Peck Prize winners - Chalioti, Haile, Halac, Hawkins, O'Dea, TsyvinskiSix Economics faculty have been selected to receive the 2019 Merton J. Peck Prize for excellence in undergraduate teaching.  This year’s distinguished faculty members...
  • 2019 Chair's Reception Recap

    Chair Tony Smith speaking with María Sáez Martí and Ilse LindenlaubThe Economics Department rang in the new academic year with its annual Chair’s Reception on September 17. Hosted by the new Economics Chair, Tony Smith, the event was...

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    Jan Eeckhout and Ilse Lindenlaub
    American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics
    October 2019

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