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Our Research Centers

The Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics

provides financial support for research in six core areas of interest to visiting faculty, postdoctoral fellowships, workshops, and graduate students. We sponsor regular conferences and publish working papers, reprints, and monographs.

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The Economic Growth Center

Founded in 1961, EGC was the first research center in a major US university focused on the quantitative study of lower-income economies. Today, EGC researchers seek to understand not only the links between economic growth and poverty, but also how rising inequality and a changing climate affect individual wellbeing, especially among marginalized groups in developing countries.

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Ishan Tankha
The Tobin Center for Economic Policy

seeks to strengthen families, communities and the nation by supporting policy-relevant research. Our work is developing new ways to unlock research opportunities, advancing policy insights and serving as a platform for national, non-partisan policy impact.

The Tobin Center for Economic Policy