Econ 363a. Global Financial Crises

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W 2:40 - 5:40pm
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Not offered

This course surveys the causes, events, policy responses, and aftermath of the recent global financial crisis.  The main goal is to provide a comprehensive view of this major economic event within a framework that explains the dynamics of financial crises in a modern economy. The course will be blended between lectures (many online), panel discussions with major actors from the crisis, and small group meetings. Course requirements are the preparation of four memos and a final paper with either an extended analysis of a case or a literature review for a specific topic from the syllabus.   The course is cross-listed at SOM, Yale Law School, and Jackson, but is open to all Yale students. Students enrolled outside of SOM should consult their registrar for details on receiving credit. 

Prerequisite: Successful completion of a course in introductory economics.

Note: Econ 363a “Global Financial Crisis” is all cross-listed with SOM MGT 890a and have spots for only five undergraduates.

[Also MGT 890a]

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Not offered
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