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Program Electives

IDE '18 after the annual IDE class with Prof Robert Shiller
IDE cohort '18 after annual IDE class with Prof. Robert Shiller

Students in the IDE program take a minimum of 3 elective courses. The majority of students elect to take more than the required 3 electives to make full use of Yale’s broad range of courses. They enjoy having the opportunity to choose courses they have a strong interest in. Students may enroll in any graduate-level course that may be related to their field of interest.


These are some courses within the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS) students have enrolled in:

  • ECON 802 Economic Development of Japan
  • ECON 899 Directed Reading
  • ECON 527 Behavioral and Institutional Economics
  • ECON 794 International Trade Policy
  • MATH 305 Real Analysis
  • STAT 541 Probability Theory
  • STAT 551 Stochastic Processes
  • STAT 565 Machine Learning and Data Management

    Students can also enroll in courses offered by other Yale graduate and professional schools including but not limited to the Law School, School of Management, School of the Environment, School of Global Affairs, and School of Public Health. This way, IDE students have the chance to take courses of other Yale programs. Permission of the instructor is usually required for these courses but very frequently given. Some courses include:

    • EPH 591 Global Health Foundations
    • FES 734 Economics of Natural Resource Management
    • MGT 541 Corporate Finance
    • MGT 543 Financial Instruments and Contracts
    • MGT 544 Investment Management
    • MGT 667 Accounting, Finance & Law
    • MGT 611 Policy Modelling
    • MGT 821 Public Sector Economics
    • The core courses of the SOM Systemic Risk Master program
    • LAW 20410 Comparative Law
    • LAW 20406 International Trade Regulation

    This is by no means an exhaustive list. As Yale continuously updates the list of courses offered, students will chose new exciting courses to make the most of their time in the IDE program.