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Summer Program

Since many of the courses in the IDE program curriculum require familiarity with basic mathematical skills, students entering the program are sometimes required to complete a six-week summer session at Yale’s Summer Program prior to the regular fall term. Students will be notified if their acceptance into the program is dependent on attending one or more summer classes. These requirements may be waived at the discretion of the Program Director.

The usual summer session includes an intensive course in mathematics (Introduction to Functions of Several Variables) and an English course (English for Postgraduate Students) or, in some cases, a course to be selected from other offerings. 

Students studying

The math course begins with a brief review of univariate calculus (sequences, limits, differentiation, chain rule, Taylor series) and an introduction to linear algebra (linear independence, systems of equations, operations on matrices, determinants, eigenvectors). 

Additionally covered are functions of many variables, partial differentiation, the implicit function theorem, and the inverse function theorem. This allows a study of optimization theory; unconstrained and constrained optimization is considered. Economic problems are analyzed.

The English Language Institute at Yale offers several courses in English as a Second Language. Students attending summer courses at the Institute are tested and placed in the appropriate level course.

Application to the Summer Program is a separate procedure and involves a separate tuition payment. Summer school information is sent to all accepted IDE students by the Graduate School. Applicants are also encouraged to contact the summer school office directly:

Yale Summer Session
P.O. Box 208355
New Haven, CT 06520-8355
Tel: (203) 432-2430
Fax: (203) 432-2434