YEA Fellowship

Are you interested in learning more about some of the world’s most important challenges and how you can use your career to advance cost-effective solutions? Passionate about international development or reducing global catastrophic risks? Then you should apply for the Yale Effective Altruism Virtual Summer Fellowship!

The YEA Fellowship is a nine-week-long program for graduate and undergraduate students interested in using their careers to improve the world as much as they can. Successful applicants for the fellowship will spend the summer learning about important approaches to improving the world, as they meet weekly to discuss everything from global health to factory farming and risks from AI.

The fellowship requires a commitment of about 3 hours per week, and applications are short and not meant to be stressful (three <100-word prompts, one ~200-word prompt, and brief interview) and due at 11:59pm ET on June 1st.  Although meetings will be scheduled around Eastern Time, the fellowship is fully virtual, and we welcome you to apply from anywhere in the world. Interested students can read more and apply to our fellowship program at and direct any questions to

Yale Effective Altruism
Job Location: 
Virtual / Yale University
Job Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, June 1, 2022
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