Econ 405a. Economics of Health and Healthcare

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T/Th 1:00 - 2:15pm
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Not offered

Permission of instructor required

This course will focus on the application of economic principles and empirical methods to examine issues in health economics. The first half the course will focus on theoretical models of demand for health, demand for health care, and supply of health care.  The second half of the course will apply these theoretical models to a selection of policy-relevant topics.  Students will engage with current research through problem sets that require comprehension and replication of published papers, class discussions that require critical thinking, and a guest lecture on current issues in health policy.  Although this course will focus substantively on topics in health economics, it is designed to provide a broad toolkit that will be useful to students interested in delving deeply into any field within economics, especially students interested in pursuing undergraduate theses. 

Prerequisites: Statistics and intermediate microeconomics (required), econometrics (preferred)

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Not offered
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