Are there data servers I can use for my research?

Yale University operates several high performance computing clusters. Members of the Department of Economics use primarily the clusters called Omega and Grace. The Cowles Foundation has funded the purchase of 10 nodes on the newest of the HPC clusters, Grace. Each of these nodes has 20 CPU cores. Faculty and graduate students in the Department of Economics have access to a special queue that give them priority over other members of the Yale research community for the use of the Cowles funded processors.

You can find more information about the HPC clusters on the Yale Center for Research Computing Page. Members of the Department of Economics at Yale can request access using the online form. The request should be for an account on Grace and you should identify yourself a member of the economics department and request access to the queue for the Cowles nodes. Graduate students should include the name of the faculty sponsor of their research.

Other data storage options can be found on the Center for Research Computing storage option page and on the Yale Spinup Research Services page.