What happens to my CampusPress website once I leave the University?

Your CampuPress website will remain active indefinately. However, your NetID will expire after leaving the University, thus rendering you unable to sign-in to your site to make future updates. Please take the proper steps managing your site before your departure.

You can manage your CampusPress sites in one of may ways to prepare for a site migration. After determining where your new website will reside, consider the following to ensure a smooth transition when migrating to a new website.

  • Exporting Content
    If you want to export data from your CampusPress site to the new site, you can download all your content to an XML file that can be imported into a new site.
  • Redirect
    You can redirect your site to your new site by using the Safe Redirect Manager plugin. 
  • Site Visibility
    You can change the website settings by configuring site visibility so only you and Yale super admins can view it by signing in.
  • Site Deletion
    You can delete the site by using the option under the Admin Tools menu.

For additional assistance, contact ITS Support.