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May 6, 2024 | News

Grace Miller ’24 Receives ‘Y-Work’ Award for Key Contributions to Yale as an Economics Peer Tutor

Y Work Award

Yale College recently honored 10 undergraduate students who made key contributions to the university community through their work in laboratories, offices, dining halls, and other on-campus jobs.

Grace Miller ‘24 was recognized for her work as a peer counselor who provided support to economics students over three academic years.


Grace was a peer tutor for ‘Economics 116 (Introductory Macroeconomics)’ in five consecutive semesters, from Fall 2021 through Fall 2024. She ran drop-in peer tutoring hours, did one-to-one tutoring of identified students with need, and occasionally ran review sessions ahead of exams.

According to her supervisor Professor William Hawkins, ‘In “Econ 116” we have been blessed to have many wonderful peer tutors over the years, but Grace has exceeded all of them in impact.’ Professor Hawkins also shared that students have frequently mentioned her by name in the course evaluations as essential to their positive experience in the course. One student’s comment says it all, ‘[Grace] singlehandedly helped me do well in this course — her review sessions for the exam were literally game-changing… Please promote Grace and hire her forever, she is incredible and is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had (not even being hyperbolic here; Grace is that good!).’”

Recipients of the Y-Work Awards for Outstanding Undergraduate Student Employees exhibit “dedication and professionalism in the workplace as well as their initiative and innovation to go above and beyond the call of duty,” Yale College Dean Pericles Lewis said during an awards reception at the Yale Schwarzman Center on May 1.

“The impact they have had on their place of work has been such that they will be greatly missed when they graduate, and in many cases their impact will last far beyond their four years here at Yale,” he said.

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