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Research Assistants

Gender-sensitive policy for social and economic inclusion

In many countries worldwide, women disproportionately experience barriers to full social and economic inclusion. Despite interest in working and despite benefits of accessing financial and digital tools and resources, low labor force participation, digital exclusion, and financial exclusion are pervasive in many low- and middle-income settings. Inclusion Economics is looking for a research assistant to support work that asks how policy can be designed to give women better access to economic opportunity as well as digital and financial tools and services. Depending on need and interest, the RA will provide support to one or more of the studies in IE’s gender portfolio, which—among others—could include:

  • Studying how gender norms are operationalized in Bihar, India, by those in power to create economic advantages;
  • Investigating how widespread access to internet and smartphones impacts women’s economic activities, mental health, political engagement, and other outcomes in Chhattisgarh, India; and
  • Researching the barriers to women’s accessing smartphones on credit in Nairobi, Kenya.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

The Tobin RA will help with literature reviews, support ongoing surveys and, depending on skill set, write code to clean survey data, scrape data and conduct initial analysis. Skill and experience with econometrics software such as R or STATA to run econometric analysis, as well as Python skills, is valuable. Successful fellows will be detail oriented and able to work independently.