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Research Assistants

Panel Survey on the Influx of Forcibly Displaced Migrants in Bangladesh

In 2017, violence erupted in Myanmar against the Rohingya people, a stateless Muslim ethnic group, and hundreds of thousands of them to fled the country over the subsequent months. In the past year, as many as 693,000 Rohingya people – over half of them children – crossed the border to Bangladesh under harsh conditions. The vast majority of them have settled in refugee camps in the district of Cox’s Bazar, at the southern end of the country.

Professor Mobarak is leading a longitudinal survey in Cox’s Bazar, with the goal of building an evidence base of how local economies and populations respond to a massive influx of forcibly displaced migrants. The study will collect a detailed panel dataset of social, economic, and health outcomes from 5,000 households representative of Cox’s Bazar, and the first wave is planned for later in 2018.

RA responsibilities under this project may include assistance with literature and news reviews, survey instrument design and quality, data cleaning, and translating analysis for clear data visualization.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Quantitative skills, such as working with survey instruments, statistics, or data analysis, are a plus.

Knowledge of South/ Southeast Asia and/or of forced migration is also a plus. Bangla/Bengali skills preferred, but not required