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Research Assistants

Place of Birth and Health Disparities among Older Americans

Health in old age often varies substantially across geographic areas, raising conjectures that geographic location in different stages of life may shape health. However, most analyses of geographic disparities in health measure “places” where people live or die rather that where they were born. Yet, more than one-third of people leave their state of birth over their lifetimes. This project will link restricted data on place of residence and place of birth to longitudinal population surveys in the United States to understand geographic disparities in senior health. We will document geographic variations in health by place of birth versus place of residence in mid- to later life and identify mechanisms that may help explain the gaps between the two geographic variations. This study will further link with rich data on early life circumstances to explore key factors that may contribute to geographic disparities in senior health by place of birth. Understanding the contribution of these factors is of paramount importance for crafting optimal health policy. Through this project, the identified research assistants will engage in highly innovative and interdisciplinary teamwork and publish exciting research findings.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Coursework in basic econometrics / statistics; basic knowledge of STATA or R; attention to detail; ability to work independently are required. Some experience using social survey data is preferred.