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Research Assistants

Planet Earth: The Next 1000 Years

I am starting to write a book with the above title. The preliminary chapters are 1. Time, 2. Darwinian Evolution, 3. The Rise of Humanity 4. Humans: the Special Species, 5. The Demographic Explosion, 6. The Earth Today: An Inflection Point, 7. Post Darwinism, 8. The Rate of Innovation, 9. Potential Disasters, 10. Surviving Other Planets, 11. Imagining the Year 3000, 12. Do We Care?

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

The book will be very data intensive, with many tables and graphs, covering long time periods. I want the RAs to search the internet for various types of information, and help acquire permissions its use. Knowledge of economics, history, science, and statistics would be useful with special emphasis on the industrial and digital revolutions, evolution, robots, AI, DNA, cosmology, etc.