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Research Assistants

Racial differences in vaccine hesitancy and possible solutions

Racial differences in vaccine hesitancy and possible solutions. Analyze data that we have already been collected from a COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy (VH) online survey that oversamples Blacks. The goals are to determine: the extent to which Blacks are more VH and suffer more from the economic, health and other impacts of COVID-19; why they might be more (or less) VH; and possible solutions (cost, convenience, behaviors economic approaches). Findings can help the government and others to address Blacks’ greater VH which is important for several reasons including that Blacks tend to suffer the greatest harms from COVID-19 in terms of health and economic issues.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Ability to conduct literature reviews and document key studies, help with references, editing drafts of grants and papers, and programming and analyses of data collected.