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Research Assistants

Robust Linear and Nonlinear Pricing

This Research Assistantship position is being offered in association with the Yale Economic Growth Center’s (EGC) pilot Data Science for Development Program.

The arrival of digital commerce has lead to an increasing use of personalization and differentiation strategies. With differentiated products along the quality dimension and/or the quantity dimension comes the need for nonlinear pricing policies or second degree price discrimination. We seek to develop optimal and robust pricing strategies for quality or quantity differentiated products when the sellers have sparse knowledge about the willingness-to-pay of the buyers.

This is a project in market design and game theory that uses tools from optimization and probability theory.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

Applicants with advanced mathematical knowledge in the areas of optimization, linear and nonlinear programming, probability theory, information theory, are preferred. Majors in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science or Data Science are strongly encouraged to apply (even with little or no prior exposure to economics).

Applicants with advanced programming skills such as matlab and mathematica are preferred.